Hotel Qaanaaq

How to get here.

Please contact your travel agency for information on how to get here, or if you want to stay at Hotel Qaanaaq contact the Hotel.
The travel route is Copenhagen to Kangerlusuaq and to Ilulisat, where you have to stay overnight, next morning the flight starts in Ilulisat to Upernavik and to Qaanaaq.
There are flights from Ilulisat to Qaanaaq on Wedensday. Please use the link to find a timetable for your trip to Greenland it is under traffic info. It is a PDF file
Air Greenland – Grønlandsfly

HINT. If you are over 60 years please ask for senior or senior citizen tickets there can be a lot of money to save. Anyway ask for discount tickets if you can plan your trip after purchasing your tickets. Please notice there can be limitations with that type of tickets but they can be pricey.


Communications, Currency and weather.

There are worldwide telephone and fax connections available in all the communities in Avanersuaq. It is also possible to use GSM mobile phones only in Qaanaaq, and internet and mails are possible when you stay at the hotel.

Danish Kroner is the currency used in Avanersuaq.
It is possible to draw limited money with the Danish credit-card “dankort” in the shop and post-office. If you stay at the hotel ask for the use of other credit-card in Qaanaaq and change in use of these.

Severe weather conditions can interrupt travel and outdoor activities in Greenland: Allow for this when making your travel plans.

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